Friday, 8 May 2009

Discover The Nine Vital Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring Your Personal Injury Lawyer

by: Tony Merlino
Once you know the right questions to ask, hiring your personal injury lawyer is not only easy, but you will have priceless peace of mind. 

Pick any three personal injury lawyers from the phone book or Internet ads that are conveniently located to you and begin the interview process. Remember, they are working for you so it is proper that you should take control of the interview and hiring process before you relinquish control of your injury case to them. 

Here are the nine vital questions you need to ask: 

1. Are you certifird by (Your State) The New Jersey Supreme Court as a Cival Trial Lawyer? 

2. Do you hire trial consultants to help you prepare cases? 

3. Do you run mock jury trials to help you learn about what juror's think about your cases? 

4. How many personal injury cases have you actually tried in front of juries? 

5. What kind of experts have you hired for your clients? 

6. What percentage of your law firm's revenue is derived from personal injury cases? 

7. Have you successfully handled cases similar to mine? If so, how many and what is your average recovery? 

8. Do you routinely offer to advance all costs and expenses of litigation? 

9. Are you certified as a trial attorney or a member of any attorney organizations that focus on injury victims? 

The answers you receive will give you a pretty good idea if the personal injury attorney is as experienced and successful as you deserve. 

Retain an attorney who is willing to go to trial and prepares each and every case with a jury in mind. Insurance companies know very well which attorneys are trial tested, experienced, and willing to duke it out in the courtroom. They are the attorneys who command the respect that gets you a fair settlement. 

Any attorney that is unwilling to advance expenses is putting you in a weaken position because if you are unable to support the case through trial it must be settled out of court. That usually spells less compensation for your injury. Insurance companies look for these opportunities to save a bundle at your expense. 

Once you have the answers to these questions and you feel comfortable that your attorney will get you a fair and equitable compensation, you are ready to hire them. 

Choose a lawyer who focuses their practice in personal injury law, including car accidents, defective products, construction accidents and personal injuries of every description. 

It's always a plus if your attorney is certified by (any state) The New Jersey Supreme Court as a "Civil Trial Lawyer", a distinction held by less than 3% of the lawyers in New Jersey. 

About the author:
Tony Merlino is the webmaster at,a legal information and marketing portal for clients and their lawyers in New Jersey. 

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