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The Best Way To Avoid The Dangers Of Bird Flu (Avian)

Look After Your Health. 
The threat of a Bird Flu Pandemic. 
The threat to the world from Bird Flu is more serious now, 
than it was when I wrote my first article on the subject in 
May, 2005. entitled "Will Avian Flu Become Pandemic" 
since then it has spread to numerous other countries, 
but thankfully at this stage it has not, as yet, mutated to a 
strain that can transfer from Human to Human. 

It is so easy for this virus to mutate, it can happen as simply 
as a person catching Bird Flu from poultry or birds, when that 
person, has already caught one of the more common strains of 
This could enable the Bird Flu virus to then cause a pandemic 
outbreak of this deadly disease throughout the world. 

History of the Bird Flu and its Spread. 
It first started in South Korea at a chicken farm in 2003, a 
couple of months or so later, it was detected in Vietnam, then 
an outbreak was found in chickens in Indonesia, Thailand confirms 
the death of a six year old boy, this was the first known death 
from Bird Flu. 
China also has problems and Malaysia has found the virus in 
chickens, near the Thailand border. 

This year, 2005, Bird Flu has been found in ducks in the Philippines, 
Japan has had an outbreak in chickens, then it was also found in 
In October, 2005 it was discovered in Turkey and Romania, so you 
can see that it is spreading across the globe, slowly but surely. 
The very latest is that has now been dicovered in Greece. 

It is spread at this stage by birds, mainly migratory birds that fly 
north or south from the Asian region, where they can take it to 
Russia and Europe, or in the other direction, south to Australia, 
New Zealand and the Pacific region. 

The European Union has warned that there should not be any panic, 
though it has told the 25 nations that make up the Union to start 
stockpiling supplies of anti viral drugs. It has been confirmed in nearly 
all cases the strain of virus is the highly virulent and lethal H5N1. 

In London, it has been confirmed that Britain is at risk and they have 
suggested that all people that could be vulnerable, should consider 
having normal Flu injections. 
The United States Senate, on September 29, 2005, voted to provide 
almost $US4 billion to purchase a stockpile of the two anti viral drugs. 

Future Prospects 
Professor Ian Frazer of Brisbane, Australia, who with his research team, 
after many years of heartache, trials and tribulations, have announced 
that they have now perfected a vaccine that will prevent Cervical 
Cancer and this vaccine should be available in 2006, this is a world 
breakthrough and a historic discovery, he now is thinking of turning his 
talents to the H5N1 virus, he and many of his colleagues are convinced 
that it is only a matter of time before this virus will start attacking 
humans and cause a pandemic. 

It has been estimated that the death toll throughout the world, if this 
pandemic should start, could be as high as 40 million people. 
Currently, humans are catching the virus from birds that have the infection, 
through their saliva or faeces, which when dry can be inhaled by humans. 
The authorities state emphatically that it can not be transmitted through 
eating poultry. 

What Can You Do 
It is recommended by a number of authorities that you should consider 
having the normal human flu vaccine. 

There are two drugs available that can help, but are in short supply, 
also quite expensive, Tamiflu and Relenza. 

Take all the sensible normal precautions. 

Your Immune System, this is your natural defence against all illnesses 
and diseases. Try to ensure that you Immune System is functioning as 
efficiently as possible. Make sure that what you eat and drink is natural 
and as nutritious as you can make it. 

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